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In the recent years,it has emmerged that Nkunda is a product of the world's dictator Mr. Paul Kagame of Rwanda. The USA and UK continued protecting Mr Kagame in the name of a heor who stopped genocide with their ulterior agenda of going to DRC and exploit minerals there. The Issue in Rwanda or the genocide that the USA and UK media keeps on talking about, it was their own making in order to change regimes in Rwanda and DRC.
The world should understand these facts in order to compare the notes of who was behind the planning of genocide in Rwanda।

RWANDA: In 1417-1957
As described in the Rwandese folklore story-telling and riddles:
Tutsi cattlebreeders began arriving in the area from the Horn of Africa in the 15th century and gradually subjugated the Hutu inhabitants who have been living with Twa in peace and harmony।The Tutsis established a monarchy headed by a mwami (king) and a feudal hierarchy of Tutsi nobles and gentry। Through a contract system of enslaving Hutus known as ubuhake, the Hutu farmers pledged their services and those of their descendants to a Tutsi lord in return for the loan of cattle and use of pastures and arable land. Thus, the Tutsi reduced the Hutu to virtual serfdom. However, boundaries of race and class became less distinct over the years as some Tutsi declined until they enjoyed few advantages over the Hutu. The Tutsi kings killed all the Hutu lords called Abahinza and established their own ruling system which was to subjugate all Hutus into Tutsi serfdom. This lasted for centuries until in 1959 when the UN sponsored a referandum to liberate the farmers who had been under oppression of Kagame's ancestors.
The 1959 UN referandum succeeded and ended the Tutsi monarchy and prapared the Rwanda independency which took place in 1962 under the leadership of KAYIBANDA GREGORY।This did not flow very smoothly with supremacy spirited Tutsis whose ideology was that every Hutu should be a Tutsi's serf। This people included the parents of the current world's dictator President Kagame who fled in 1959 after witnessing the power being taken away from them and handed over to Hutu majority। This group of hardliners Tutsis decided to leave the country simply because they did not want to see Hutu ruling and determining their own future। But majority of Tutsis who were not ruling class decided to continue coexixting in harmony within Rwanda bonderies. The Kagame minded class took their way to DRC,Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi. These Tutsis who fled into Burundi got a big support of both economic,and military support to attempt and overthrow Rwandan regimes. In 1967, a rebel movement led by Rukeba attacked Rwanda from Bugesera region which is bordering Burundi. This attack did not resist but left a name which has characterized by Rwanda History.
The men who attacked Rwanda in 1967 under the leadership of Rukeba preferred to use the name of INYENZI (Cockroaches) the same way RPF chose to use the name of INKOTANYI. Why did Rukaba men chose to use the name Inyenzi to describe his combattants it was simply because this people liked to use the night attacks the same way a cockroach bites people at night not during the day but they hide themselves during the day instead. This is the origin of the word INYENZI (Cockroach) that the word of Kagame would never want to know the origin.

After this Bugesera attack there were many attacks from Burundi and Uganda which did not succeed until 1990s when Kagame with the support of Museveni,USA, and UK succeeded. Not because of Kagame's super tactics but because of the USA,UK interest in Democratic Republic of Congo DRC.
The Eastern region of DRC, mainly the province of Kivu and Bukavu, geologically referred to as the WESTERN AFRICAN RIFT because of its chain of Lakes Kivu,Tanganyika, and Lake Albert। This region is the world's most richest minaral deposit of all sorts of minerals. Because Americans wanted these minerals without following the International Legal Procedures, they started plotting of how to enrich themselves. This greediness is what is the source of Museveni's war in Uganda, mass killing in Rwanda, and the death of Desire Kabila and the wars followed in DRC and the origin of the rebel Genral Nkundabatware in Eastern DRC.
The Follwing Articles are going to show our readers of how and why Mr.Kagame is on power in Rwanda and why Laurent Nkunda is enjoying immunity to face International Crime Court ICC.

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