A Day after Kagame said that the opposition honeymoon was over today Ingabire Victoire was summoned at CID

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kagame_wanted.jpgA day after President Kagame said the “honeymoon” of opposition critic Ingabire Victoire was not open-ended, she has now been summon to appear at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), RNA can reveal.

A written summon was delivered to Ms. Ingabire summoning her to appear at 14:30 Tuesday at the CID Headquarters in Kacyiru – an upper class suburb of Kigali. The CID HQ is within walking distance from the American embassy, the Office of the President and several ministerial offices. The time has been changed to Wednesday.

President Kagame indicated Monday that at some point, Ingabire could be held responsible for what she has said and done since her arrival January 16, from exile. Mr. Kagame accused her of trying to provoke the authorities – so she may be arrested. This, the President said, would of course attract sympathy for the fiery politician.

The latest developments also come in the wake of the jailing for 19 years of Ms. Ingabire’s aide Joseph Ntawangundi over Genocide. However, the group has brought in Dutch lawyers to plead his case, with the defense that Mr. Ntawangundi was actually in Sweden during the time of the Genocide.

Meanwhile, RNA has also established that Ms. Ingabire has recovered the documents she lost last week when a gang of youths supposedly attacked her at the Kinyinya sector office.

Information available to RNA suggests that the CID summon has been changed to 10am on Wednesday. It is not yet clear why there has been a change to the summon. RNA will bring details as they emerge.

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