Gen. Kayumba‘s Family Held in India

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Gen. Kayumba‘s Family Held in India
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Saturday, 6 March 2010 
President Paul Kagame
Rosette Nyamwasa, the wife of fugitive Rwandan General, Kayumba Nyamwasa and the children are barricaded in the Ambassador’s residence in India, according to BBC great lakes web site, Kinyarwanda service.

According to the report, the children are unable to go to school while Mrs. Kayumba cannot leave the house either.

The security guards reportedly told her that the gate keys were at the
Rwandan embassy in India. It is not yet clear why the family is under siege.

She has since reported her situation to the India Foreign Affairs Minister.

Back home in Rwanda, the government is alleging that Lt.Gen. Kayumba
Nyamwasa is being suspected to have been behind the latest spate of
grenade attacks in Kigali.

But many people spoke to in Kigali believe that these are
silly and spurious charges born out of blind malice.

According to other source, Kayumba had been tricked into confessing
several misdemeanors against the ruling RPF. These include suspected
alliance with a nascent opposition political party and often voiced
coup attempts.

Many are still wondering how he could possibly escape if he was under 24
four hour surveillance.

But Kayumba Nyamwasa found a lull to escape.

The last person to talk to Gen. Kayumba was newly appointed Ambassador
to UK, Ernest Rwamucyo who was taken in by police for questioning
and later released “but fired soon after’ according to our reliable sources.

Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwandan Foreign Affairs Minister and government
spokes person did not answer repeated phone calls from
Meanwhile, President Paul Kagame is holding a press conference in Kigali around this time to she more light on the Kayumba Nyamwasa saga which many say is exposing his government terribly.

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