Ingabire was forbidden to leave Rwanda while she was about to board a plane on Tuesday night at Kigali airport

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When contacted on Thursday morning by Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Victoire Ingabire, a leader of the Rwandan opposition, declined to comment personally on her summons by police who are still going on in the capital Kigali.

Ingabire was forbidden to leave Rwanda while she was about to board a plane on Tuesday night at Kigali airport. She is facing a police investigation for her comments about the 1994 genocide.


However, she instructed Sylvain Sedomana, Secretary General of the United Democratic Forces (FDU), to grant RNW with an interview about the accusations against her.

''Since her arrival she has been summoned by police to face various charges. Whenever she finds herself at the police there are new charges: first for genocide then for working with the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), and for having accused the ruling Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) of killing people and being a small group that manages the assets of the country.''

Sedomana has said that the accusations are made by a police officer. New fact: since Wednesday an officer from the Ministry of Justice is also present for the first time during the interrogation.

According to Sedomana, the RPF is tarnishing the image of the FDU President in order to get her convicted and thus prevent her to participate in the presidential election scheduled for August. He added that it is the fear of the RPF to present itself at the elections with other political parties.

Reasons given by the police
The spokesman for the Rwandan police, Eric Kayiranga, contacted by phone on Wednesday said that any person summoned has to answer the questions.

"These questions have been asked to explain why Victoire Ingabire was forbidden to leave the country."

As for the delay in the registration of his party, the spokesman said that this is not the responsibility of the police.

''There is a case against Ms. Ingabire and she must answer these questions. The police are not supposed to provide the content of these questions to the public. Let us wait and follow what will emerge from the interrogation. This procedure will last indefinitely as the investigations continue, given the new information and evidence collected from both sides. The investigations can be short, medium and long, depending on logistics and the cooperation of the person to answer questions."

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