Kagame Orders Arrest of Journalists Over Nyamwasa Links.

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04 March, 2010

Kagame Orders Arrest of Journalists Over Nyamwasa Links.
256 News
4 March 2010
By Godwin Agaba

Editor's Update (8:12 P.M. Kigali time): Numerous sources in Rwanda have confirmed that Mr. Agaba in NOT in Rwandan custody and is in a safe place for now.

256 News reporter in Kigali, Rwanda, Mr. Godwin Agaba, has gone missing this evening. Mr. Agaba has not been available through all his known contacts after making a call to Kampala earlier in the morning when he filed his last report.

He was due to attend a press conference by President Paul Kagame on the Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa saga. It is not clear whether Mr. Agaba attended the press conference or what happened soon after but during the briefing, President Kagame said some journalists were being investigated over alleged links to the general and Col. Karegyeya.

Mr. Agaba was the first journalist the world over to report that Lt. Gen. Nyamwasa was in South Africa yesterday.

A short while ago, the 256 News team received a communication that Mr. Agaba might have been arrested on Pres. Kagame’s orders.

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