On Kagame’s Rwanda, ‘never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal,

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On Kagame’s Rwanda, ‘never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal,’ paraphrasing Martin Luther King Jr

inkotanyi.jpgSeveral current legal arrangements in the Rwandan government system are deliberately unjust, discriminatory and oppressive, thus explaining the reasons millions of Rwandan citizens live continuously traumatized and fearful of the regime’s machine of harassment and intimidation, therefore don’t foresee any hope for their future.

Since the return in Rwanda on 16th January 2010 of Mrs Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, Chairperson of the United Democratic Forces UDF-Inkingi, and presidential candidate for her party in this year elections, the oppressive and dictatorship practices of Paul Kagame’s regime have been brought up in the spotlight of the international and Rwandan national media, this only because they are presently applied to a high profile personality, while for the rest of the population, such existence is part of the daily routine. They have resigned their own destiny in the hands of their oppressor because they feel powerless in front of the ruthlessness of the system.

In recent days, there have been on Rwandan political scene two incidents which remind thoughtful people of the Hithler’s time. One relates to the beating of Joseph Ntawangundi, assistant of Victoire Ingabire, on Wednesday 03/02/2010 inside the premises of a local authority in Kigali, while security forces were watching, the spectacle being like those scenes of Gestapo modus operandi, showing the oppressed there is nowhere to run for help since the authority meant to protect has become the oppressor.

The other incident is an article published in The News Times, the Rwandan daily newspaper at the service of Kagame’s regime, about the same beaten Joseph already mentioned, which reports in its Friday 5th February 2010 edition on his condemnation in absentia by a Gacaca tribunal. The implied intention of the editor of the paper appears to tell the public, ‘the said victim of Wednesday 03/03/2010 beating is a criminal.’

Surprisingly, the news on his condemnation have come up from nowhere in the limelight after his beating, this to explain or justify why he deserved what happened to him, consequently and practically the article is inviting its readers, Rwandans and others, not to see any wrong doing from the Rwandan authorities who are crashing down any dissent voice or undesirable citizens as long as they are criminals. These practices are thoroughly similar to those of Hitler’s period when Jews where killed in millions while Goebbels’ propaganda machine explained and stressed to the public the reasons why it should legally be so.

What happened in Rwanda in 1994 was tragic at incommensurable measures. What is happening since then in the country and unfortunately the whole Great Lakes region is still tragic, despite a cleverly and systematically designed system of covering up the reality of the scars being continuously inflicted to the populations by Kagame’s regime, its sponsors and international propagandists. As Martin Luther King Jr said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ He also stated that, ‘A man can’t ride on your back unless it’s bent.’ It’s the time now for Rwandan people and the international community to stand up against a Rwandan regime which lives in the past and uses practices not allowable anymore in the 21st century.

Ambrose Nzeyimana.   



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