Rwanda: A Letter from Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation about the RPF oppression

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Greetings all -- we've had a lot of news coming out of Rwanda lately (and posted on the FB group!), and this is just a brief recap and reminder to check in with us often.

Elections are scheduled for August, and the ruling RPF party continues to put down all dissent. Opposition parties can't register, leaders are threatened and harassed, and in most cases either physically attacked, arrested on suspicion of "genocide ideology," or both. (FYI, for those not in the loop, if you don't side with the RPF's view of things, you are typically branded a "genocide ideologist." Its even in the constitution!)

We have posted a number of links lately on the elections and the brave Rwandans in several opposition parties who are trying to create an open space in the country. We want to keep the pressure on externally too by letting the international community know what's going on.

Sadly, this situation has also led to increased violence lately. This has included a number of explosions in the capital of Kigali. In recent weeks, there have also been crackdowns on dissent within the RPF. Two very prominent ambassadors (one a former Army chief of staff) fled into exile, and about a dozen more high ranking RPF members were "accused" of founding one of the opposition parties. While I hate to suggest it, it seems likely that more violence and crackdowns will ensue before the elections.

The HRRF's primary goal is to find a PEACEFUL way to resolve underlying tensions in Rwanda and allow all of the Rwandan people to move forward. Our fear is that, if we don't soon reach the point where truth and reconciliation is possible, there will be even more outbreaks of violence. And in this region, there is unfortunately every chance that this will lead to another tragedy like the genocide in 1994.

We need your help getting the word out! Watch for opportunities to inform yourself, write your elected officials, tell people that Rwanda is boiling up again, and invite others to join the FB group and the HRRF website at


Brian Endless
HRRF Senior Advisor

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Juma James 03/11/2010 14:28

Dear readers,
it is becoming a war of words and claims and counter claims.

I am a follower of these developments and I wish to ask one question to people who write some of these things: What would u genuinely if you were president for a year in Rwanda?

For one to say the refusal to register parties is making people throw bombs then it is a sad situation.

I see some journalists being arrested and it becomes a far reaching outcry.... never read anyone asking what the journalist has done... being a journalist does not exempt you from legal
responbilities of abiding by the law.

lets rather see case by case and question the truth in every situation but not forgetting that we are not the law or judges.

When in Spain there are explosives and a few people arrested what is your comment on spain....

Do we want a country that does not arrest people so that people dont comment? yet again we also ensure the arrests should be with just cause.

let each side not hide behind this curtain of claims to smear the other.

i dont stand for either side but rather saddened by this beautiful country with the super asset of one language to having total harmony

i thank you all

KANYARWANDA 03/12/2010 00:00

Juma I think you dont understand Rwanda you might be a Kenyan or a Tanzanian.Rwandan problem is unique and it is not going to end any time soon it started 500 years ago we found it here like our
forefathers we shall leave it worst than it was. The problem which the world necver understands is about characterismtics of two tribes.Hutus are people who do not mind about tomorrow. they easily
forgive and forget. however, they are mister fix it. they react there and give instant justice. Tutsis on the other hand perfect lying and cherish it and call it a virtue. to them if you are not a
good liar you are not a hero. to hutus they like being open and tell you what they think you take it or leave it then you move on as nothing has ever happened. to tutsis it is the other way round.
they look at you and say all is well as they plot to hit you hard. from this point tutsis belive they were born to enslave hutus and twas.Hutus rely on their majority poll which does not count when
the superpowers like USA n UK want minerals and policing DRC and her minerals.

You asked what could be done. the answer is simple take America out of Rwanda then Rwandans will sit down and sort thmselves out. I am sure they will reach a sound conclusion of theirdifferences
because they both have what it takes. Rwandans dont have problems as exagerated by USA media Rwandans' problem is USA.