Rwanda and the Great Lakes region of Africa, and my advocacy for an end to Pentagon intervention

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rwanda and the Great Lakes region of Africa, and my advocacy for an end to Pentagon intervention

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RWANDA:Opposition leader Ingabire released in Rwanda
I have been reporting on the Great Lakes region for Digital Journal, Global Research, the San Francisco Bay View, the OpEdNews, Colored Opinions, and KPFA and KMEC Radio, and posting video elaborations of my radio reports to my Youtube Channel. On Sunday, 03.21.2010, I recorded Law Professor Peter Erlinder, Lead Defense Counsel for the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda (ICTR) for this KPFA Radio News report, then posted the result to my channel with a video overlay, after which it appeared on the Global Research and Digital Journal websites.

Two days later I called Peter to say that I was ready to read and study the entire Rwanda Documents Project, if I can find some funding.  He said it would take me at least two months, with his regular guidance, and also told me, with considerable urgency, that he needs help writing a book explaining his years of research.

No one else has studied or reported on all the evidence which has led Peter to say, as a criminal lawyer, with evidence at hand, that the US and the UK financed the ongoing Central African War, first in Uganda, then Rwanda, and now D.R. Congo, and, that eight million African people have died. 

I've also spoken to Kevin Alexander Gray, African American writer and activist, Counterpunch and Progressive contributor, and author of Waiting for Lightning to Strike, the Fundamentals of Black Politics, who has offered to contact those he knows in the office of Senator Russ Feingold, Chair of the Senate Subcommittee on African Affairs.  And, to contact Reverend Jesse Jackson, and other leaders in the Black community, about urging African Americans to call on President Obama and their legislators to heed the Feingold Statement on the Fragility of Democracy in Africa.

We agreed that:

1)  Peace in the Great Lakes region depends on the end of UK and U.S. military, financial, and media support for the ruthless, highly militarized autocracy of Paul Kagame's Rwanda, especially now, during this critical election year, in which Rwandans should have the power to choose the president who will lead them for the next seven years.  This goal is consistent with the liberal democratic values that the U.S. government claims to represent and defend.   America's liberals, including President Obama, need encouragement to be good liberals.

Senator Feingold read the Feingold Statement on the Fragility of Democracy in Africa into the Congressional Record on March 2nd.  I came across it, barely noticed, on an Ethiopian website, then wrote the news for Digital Journal, Global Research, and the Black Star News

2)  Senator Feingold needs encouragement to meet with Dr. Peter Erlinder, who so feels the urgency of the Rwandan situation that he is willing to drive from St. Paul to Madison, WI, or fly to Washington D.C. immediately if an appointment can be arranged.

3)  I need to continue reporting, every week, on Rwanda's opposition parties ongoing efforts to enter the election, and need to keep asking Senator Feingold, and other members of the Senate Subcommittee on African Affairs to respond.

Unlike Rwandan President Paul Kagame, I have no "donor nation" support and don't expect any, so I greatly appreciate the help of anyone who thinks this work needs to be done.    

Thanks.  --Ann Garrison


Anonymous said...

yes, it is the only way to support the democratie in Rwanda. il est aussi important pour Obama de comprendre que, ce qui lui denera plus de valeur, ce n'est pas, ce qu'il a fait pour les USA, mais ce qu'il fera pour l'afrique en commencent par l'Afrique des grand Lac.
Les Rwandais et les Congolais lui sera reconnaisant, lorsqu'il va les aidé à arreter le Général Paul kagame (actuellement au pouvoir au Rwanda), Nkunda Ex-rebelle du Kivu,Ntaganda, Yoweli Museven (actuellement au pouvoir en Ouganda) pour des crimes atroce qu'ils ont commis en R.D.C congo et le génocide des refugiés Rwandais en RDC. Il faut que Obama met aussi la pression sur kagame pour laisser la democratie s'installer au rwanda.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable......that people like you exist. I lost my entire family in the genocide after having lived like a second class citizen in Rwanda; denied higher education, loans and access. Now in the last 16 years, millions of us have thrived in the new Rwanda. My family's killers reside in France, unreachable, and fund-raising everyday to support people like Ingabire, whom you worship like the second coming of Christ. This is not independent reporting...  

Aimable Mugara aka Jungle said...

Anonymous whiner,

In the last 16 years, you may have thrived in the new Rwanda, but the majority of the population is suffering. You are not the only one who lost your entire family in Rwanda. Some families were decimated by the Interahamwes and some other families were decimated by your RPF friends. All murderers are murderers and need to be punished. Even if they are RPF soldiers.

By the way, if your RPF friends had not murdered two presidents and the chief of army on April 6, 1994 your family would still be alive today. So, if you want to be angry at someone, you should be angry at the RPF who started the whole cycle of violence. Not angry at a journalist who is analyzing the truth from all sides.  

Anonymous said...

I could not beleive that one day, somebody like Ann Garrison would be able to see in face THE TRUTH ABOUT "The African Great Region Crisis". Many years ago, I had been told the medias were a tool to help the truth to be known. With the African Great region Crisis, I have seen what those MEDIAS are. I think if CNN (and other medias..) had been honest in their job, We would not have lost millions and millions of lives in Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, an everywhere in the world. CNN and other like them continue to lie,distorting the truth, for the resons I will never never understand. I pray God so one day they might be converted and stop to continue to pour out oil on fires of wars anywhere in the world.
That is why I support and I will call my friends to support Ann G. in what she is doing to tell the truth about what happened and continue to happen in Africa.  

Anonymous said...

Well, all I know about the tragedy in Rwanda is that both tutsi and hutu died. I know in 1994 more tutsi died. This doe not means that the hutu who died before 1994 (since 1990)and after 1994 in refugee camps should be ignored. I am a tutsi and I was fortunate to escape the killings, but to be honest I think RPF killed lots of hutus. Interahamwe and RPF to me have all committed the same crimes.  

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