RWANDA:Canadian Greens ask Gov. Gen. of Canada to press Rwanda on political and human rights oppression.

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21 April, 2010

Canadian Greens ask Gov. Gen. of Canada to press Rwanda on political and human rights oppression.

Green Party of Canada
April 14, 2010

To: H.E. Michaëlle Jean
Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A1

Your Excellency,

We would like to wish you a very enjoyable and fruitful visit to Africa.

We are sure you have been briefed about Rwanda and the progress it is making following the genocide. We also believe it is important to draw your attention to some of the recent problems with respect to human rights and political freedoms.

A number of human rights organizations and observers have implicated the ruling party in electoral irregularities, restrictions on press freedom and intimidation of opposition parties. The most recent was an expert report published by the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative.

The Green Party of Canada has already expressed our concerns to international media and directly through the Rwandan High Commission in Ottawa. Unfortunately, the Rwandan government has not only prevented the Green Party of Rwanda from registering but some of the intimidation has resulted in violence. The notes enclosed, provide additional background.

We would appreciate you using your good offices to encourage the Rwandan government to live up to its international agreement and Commonwealth principles. The following actions are proposed:

- undertake an independent review of the human rights situation, and

- require the RPF to report on its efforts to encourage an environment where opposition parties and democracy can flourish in

We would therefore appreciate whatever opportunity you may have to discuss this with Rwandan officials. With the progress being made, it would be tragic to see democratic and human rights suffer between now and the next election.


Elizabeth May, Leader Green Party of Canada
Adriane Carr, Deputy Leader
Jacques Rivard, Deputy Leader
Johan Hamels, Former Treasurer, European Greens, Former Member of the Global Green Coordination
Joe Foster, GPC Human Rights Critic

WNJ Editor's Note: Original official letter is available upon request by leaving a comment on this article with an e-mail contact.

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