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I am first and foremost a mother, like millions of others worldwide. I wish all the best for my children and my country, Rwanda. Currently, Rwanda goes through very difficult moments that have to be tackled with dedication, determination and straightforwardness. I committed myself to giving a glimmer of hope to my fellow Rwandans. This is my contribution to building a peaceful Rwanda where every one without exception whatsoever has the opportunity to air his opinion as far as the governance of the country is concerned.

The ultimate goal is to have a peaceful Rwanda with a trustworthy government that guarantees the rule of law and equal opportunity.
There is a need for change in the ruling of our country. Every Rwandan should be free from any form of oppression, we must stand up together and condemn the cruelty that cost lives of millions of people and deny others their fundamental and constitutional rights.

We launched the FDU INKINGI with a firm determination of fighting for a better future for new generations. The latter should not experience the same horrors of injustice and discrimination than we have had and we still face today. FDU INKINGI is concerned about the humiliations of our people. We refuse that our compatriots live under the bondage of terror and fear.

The fear of being charged in courts of laws for what they believe or for what they are. We struggle so that Rwandans can speak freely against certain ideas, thoughts or projects which they consider not in the interest of the people. They should do so without being harassed or paraded with any kind of labels, simply because those holding different views have the monopole of violence and coercive power. It is our dear right to challenge the legitimacy of a process that is excluding us and interminably criminalizing us for being different and for having different political ideas.

We are thousands of Rwandans who are proudly behind this struggle. We are determined to rehabilitate the politics in its most noble sense. It is the rightness and courage of our ideas , the determination of our commitment that will make change possible.

Let’s move forward together

Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

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