Rwanda: Deo Mushayidi arrested in Burundi, extradited to Rwanda

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Rwanda: Deo Mushayidi arrested in Burundi, extradited to Rwanda

By Gashegu Muramira
The New Times
March 6, 2010

KIGALi - The former president of the Rwanda Journalists Association, Deo Mushayidi has been arrested on charges of terrorism and causing state insecurity.

The Prosecutor General, Martin Ngoga, claimed last evening that Mushayidi is part of a wider network that includes renegade military officers, Lt Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa and Patrick Karegyeya.

“He has been shuttling between various countries in the region and our security forces have been monitoring his movements.

He was arrested following cooperation by law enforcement organs of our neighboring country, Burundi,” Ngoga said.

Mushayidi has since been extradited to Rwanda to face a court of law.

“He is now in the hands of our national police, we have a lot of evidence about his involvement and about the whole network,” Ngoga said.

“The rest are detail that we will keep for investigative purposes.”

The Prosecutor General revealed that at the time of his arrest, Mushayidi was not staying in Belgium as it had been claimed.

“In recent months he had been living in the region”.

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