Rwanda Opinion: No Rwandan troops in the D.R.C.? No U.S. troops in Iraq?

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Opinion: No Rwandan troops in the D.R.C.? No U.S. troops in Iraq?
By Ann Garrison.
Kigali - Defecting Rwanda Green Party officer Vincent Nshimiyimana said, on 04.23.2010, that "everyone" knows Rwanda has no troops deployed in neighboring D.R. Congo, which is as plausible as saying there are no U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan or Iraq.
Nshimiyimana and two other Rwanda Green Party officers turned on Frank Habineza, leader of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, just five days after Habineza was elected President of the Executive Committee of the African Greens Federation in Kampala, Uganda. Last week the government shut down Rwanda's African language newspapers, and this week, on 04.21.2010, it arrested opposition presidential candidate Victoire_Ingabire_Umuhoza.
FDU-Inkingi Party
Presidential candidate Victoire Ingabiré Umuhoza, in court, at a bail hearing, six hours after being arrested in Kigali, Rwanda.
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Nshimiyimana, one of the three top leaders now defecting from the Rwanda Greens, accused Habineza of lying about Rwandan troop deployment in the D.R.C.: He [Habineza] alleged that Rwanda was facilitating the UK and the USA to plunder timber from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and that it had deployed troops in the DRC, which everyone knows, is not true. ---Defecting Rwanda Green Party Information Secretary Vincent Nshimiyimana, quoted in Rwanda's New Times: Rwanda: Top Green Party Officials Defect Kennedy Ndahiro, a scribe for the state run Rwanda New Times, actually wrote Nshimiyimana's complaint down, without commentary, but if that's true, then maybe there are no U.S. troops in Iraq or Afghanistan, or Africa, either. Maybe it was all a bad dream, reported in Global Research and, by the U.S. State Department, which, on 01.20.2009, Barack Obama's Inauguration Day, applauded a horrific realignment of force in eastern D.R. Congo, when the Rwandan Army joined the Congolese Army, UN Peacekeepers, and the Rwandan CNDP militia, which had formerly been labeled "terrorist." All were reportedly going, from then on, after rebels in the eastern D.R.C., but many thought they'd just be going after eastern Congolese resources, as usual, with the usual excuse---"rebels." And, for Rwandan Defense Force, read: U.S. Pentagon proxy. The Rwandan government continues to prevent the Rwandan Greens, and Ingabiré's party from registering to contest the August 2010 presidential election, and Bernard Ntaganda, Chair of the only party registered to field a presidential candidate, expects to be arrested any day. All three have advocated an end to the Rwandan military aggression in D.R. Congo, though Mr. Ntaganda has been careful to say that the violence in Congo is an international issue, not one which could be settled by regime change in Kigali alone. I.e., there's no way that a Rwandan President is going to keep the U.S., the UK, China, and other major national and corporate powers away from the vast geostrategic mineral wealth of the D.R.C. On 04.23.2010, Human Rights Watch reported that their Rwandan researcher Carina Tertsakian has been ordered to leave the country within 24 hours.

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