RWANDA:Profiles of the RPF Generals Arrested by Kagame

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Profiles of the Rwandan Generals Arrested This Week

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Thursday, 22 April 2010 
Lt. Gen. Charles Muhire
Who is Emmanuel Karenzi Karake?

He was born on 23/12/1960 in the district of Byumba.

• Karake attended the Senior Commander and Staff College at the South
African Army College and the National Defence College in Kenya.

• The General holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree from Uganda's
Makerere University, Masters of Arts in International Studies from the
University of Nairobi in Kenya and a Masters in Business
Administration from the University of London in the UK.

• Karake (pictured) was the liaison officer for the RPA in Kigali during the
1990-94 liberation struggle that ousted the Habyarimana government.

• Other senior military positions previously held by the General
include Chief of Intelligence (J2), Chief of Training and Operations
(J3), Commander of the Third Division and Commander of 408 Brigade.

• 2007-09: Joint Deputy Force Commander for the AU/UN Hybrid Operation
in Darfur (UNAMID).

• Karake is one of the few most educated RDF officers but he was not promoted
to the ranks of General allegedly due to problems he had with President Paul
Kagame in the past.

According to sources, Karake has survived assassination three times at the hands of unknown criminal-minded people since 2000.

Who is Charles Muhire?

Charles Muhire was born in 1958. Birthplace: Byumba (Rwanda).

• He was educated at MULAGO Medical Teaching Hospital (Uganda) and
graduated in 1979 with a higher diploma in Orthopedics and Traumatology.

• He was commissioned in 1986 and is also a graduate of the South African
Air Force Command and Staff College.

• He has also trained in Economics Science (South Africa), Air force
Management and operations course (Israel) and International Defense
management course (Rwanda) by a mobile training team from Monterey,

• Lt. Gen. Muhire is the first Commander of the Rwanda Air
Force since its establishment in 1997. He bears the title of Chief of
Staff. As the COS, he is responsible for command, control and
management of the Rwanda Air Force. He was also an advisor of the
Chief of General staff on Air Force matters.

• Muhire has held various military appointments with the
following as his main career highlights:

• From 1990 to 1994, Commanding Officer 4th Column, Battalion
commander 4th Battalion, Commandant Military Training School and
commander of 101 Mobile Force.

In addition to his command responsibility, he was also a member of High Command, the Chairman of the Field Court Martial (1992), Military Delegate to the “Arusha Peace Talks” while negotiating the “Military Integration Protocol” that sought to integrate the Rwandese Patriotic Army and the Forces Armées Rwandaises.

• • From 1995 to 1997, he was the Chief of Plans, Operations and
Training at the RPA Headquarters.

-Last week he was appointed to head the non-existent Rwanda
Reserve Force and arrested a few days after being sworn in.

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