RWANDA:Retired Rwandan Army Colonel Arrested After Trying to Flee the Country.

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Retired Rwandan Army Colonel Arrested After Trying to Flee the Country.

256 News
21 April 2010
By Godwin Agaba

Retired Colonel Ludovic Twahirwa Dodo, the President of the Association of
Commuter Taxis (ATRACO) in Rwanda, will face prosecution tomorrow (Thursday)according to Criminal Intelligence Division (CID) sources in Kigali.

Afande Dodo, as he is commonly referred to, will appear at CID headquarters
tomorrow morning to answer for charges related to mismanagement, abuse of office and corruption.

According to security operatives in Kigali, Dodo was issued a summons today by the CID to report tomorrow at exactly 8:00am.

We were told that he was caught trying to escape from Rwanda this week but was stopped at the northern border post of Gatuna at the border of Uganda.

According to a family source, the wealthy Dodo sold some of his properties in Rwanda, including houses and a school called Esse Nyarugunga. He also owns TopSec Security, a company that deals in electronic security systems and hiring out private security guards.

According to the family source, Dodo bought a house on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda where some of his relatives are staying and he also bought two petrol stations in Kampala, the Ugandan capital, where he intended to relocate.

According to this reliable family source, Dodo’s petrol stations are
managed by his nephew Karemara. 256 News is working around the clock to establish more details.

Col. Twahirwa Dodo is one of the former fighters of the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) who started and finished fighting the war against Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana. During the Ugandan Bush war, Col. Dodo commanded the Bravo unit.

Meanwhile, the fate of the two senior officers, Lt. Gen. Charles Muhire and
Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Karenzi Kareke, who were arrested two days ago on
allegations of corruption, misuse of office and immoral conduct, will be
decided this week by the Army Disciplinary committee, according to a military source.

It is still not clear whether their cases will end in trials, but what is clear now is that the two Generals are being held in detention at Kanombe Military Camp

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