Rwandan authorities are allegedly planning detain the opposition leader while Rick Warren continues to watch the brutality being committed by his friend Kagame from afar

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Rwandan authorities are alleged to be planning detain the opposition leader Voctoire Ingabire Umuhoza.
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Editor's Update (17:19 Kigali time): According to sources in Rwanda, Mrs. Ingabire Umuhoza was released after 4 hours of questioning. She was questioned on her public statements, alleged but unproven ties to FDLR, and accused of genocidal ideology and negationism. However, to reiterate, she has not been arrested as of this writing.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in the Kacyiru District of Kigali have summoned Mrs Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza to appear today without giving any clear reason for the summons. It is very clear that this apparatus of the state is implementing instructions given by the President of Rwanda, H.E. Paul Kagame, following a statement he made on the 8th of February stating that her move to contest the RPF in the upcoming election would be stopped by the “wall of the laws” tailored to ensure that nobody can challenge the current regime.

According to credible sources last week, following the incident at the local administration offices where Mrs Victoire Ingabire was subjected to verbal harassment, intimidation and physical abuse, the Rwandan police was given instructions to move fast and make a pre-emptive charge that would lead to the detention of Mrs. Ingabire, thus depriving her of her political and civil rights.

While all this is going on,we have to remind our readers that the most respected televangelist Pr Rcik Warren continues his unconditional support to these two men in Kigali and Kampala President Museveni and Kagame who do not fear to shed innocent blood if it serves their political gain.We can also confirm that Warren is going to be invited by Kagame to come and bless the victory after the well pre planned victory emerges in September.The mega question that always comes is why doesn't  Rick Warren promote peace and truth, justice and truth reconciliation among Rwanda people instead of harboring the criminal?Does Rick Warren read human rights reports condemning Mr Kagame?the answer remains with our Saviour Jesus Christ who will ask Mr Warren what he has done with his much applauded influnce to bring the children of Rwanda together again. Continuing to the human rights abuse in Kigali,

The decision to arrest Mrs Victoire Ingabire, Chairperson of the United Democratic Forces (FDU-Inkingi), which follows the detention of her assistant Mr Joseph Ntawangundi, will have serious political significance. It would mean the complete prevention of a peaceful and democratic political process. The United Democratic Forces party is fully committed to ending the political and human crisis that has prevailed the country over the last 21 years. This initiative was undertaken by the United Democratic Forces after carefully weighing the catastrophic consequences of the use of force in terms of human lives and the damage caused to the social and economic fabric of the country. The party has committed itself to pre-empt any such moves from any quarter and discourage anyone tempted to take the path of violence to access democracy and good governance. We want to make a fundamental difference by showing Rwandans that political change is possible through non-violent, democratic means.

The United Democratic Forces FDU/UDF -Inkingi calls on all Rwandan people and the international community to acknowledge their commitments to peace, freedom, human rights and democracy by holding the RPF regime responsible for the continued deterioration of the political climate in the country. We call on the Rwandan government to honour its promises and show its commitment and the political will to allow open political debate, avoid oppressing opposition, end political repression and allow political parties to fully exercise their rights.

Done in Brussels, 10th February 2010

On behalf of the FDU/UDF-Inkingi Steering Committee,

Nkiko Nsengimana


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