Rwandan Female Presidential Candidate and Other Party members who were seriously injuried

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Rwandan Female Presidential Candidate in hospital after attackAgressionVictoire20100203.jpg

Mrs. Victoire Ingabire,  president of UDF-INKINGI  and flag bearer of the party for the upcoming  presidential election in  Rwanda, has been beaten, along with her assistant,  Joseph Ntawangundi.  At around noon, an executive officer from Kinyinya  Sector, known as  Shema, invited her to collect administrative papers  in respect to the  application for a police record.

Upon arrival at Kinyinya  premises, Mrs Ingabire was  surrounded by a prepared lynch mob, beaten  but managed to retreat to  her vehicle. The assailant militia snatched  her handbag and other  personal belongings including her newly acquired  ID and her passport.   Mr. Joseph Ntawangundi, was savagely and thoroughly  beaten by the  vicious assailants without any intervention from the authority.  He  suffered ribs and legs injury and was stripped half naked. He was  later  rushed to King Fayçal Hospital in Kigali for emergency treatment  and  his condition is still worrying.

Alerted by the driver,  the police reached the scene  later and despite his condition took Mr.  Joseph Ntawangundi, for  interrogations. He was released after one and  half hour.

UDF INKINGI hold the  government responsible of that  incident, as it took place in a government  building, without any  intervention at all from the authority. This is  a grotesque and  horrific practice of terror towards an opposition candidate.

This is just the latest  in a growing list of  blatant attacks and harassments that compromise  public confidence in  our security systems. The reign of terror being  carried out by certain  sectors of the administration, the police forces  and militia lynching  is unacceptable.

We mainly refer to  other incidents that occurred on  Wednesday 27th January 2010,  at Nyagasambu (Kigali).  Exercising our rights to freedom of movements  in our country, our two  vehicles were ordered by police officers to  pull off. Drivers’ Licenses  and vehicles registration papers were  confiscated. The official charge  was “careless driving”. Unable  to substantiate the allegations on  spot, the officers confirmed that  they received orders from their  hierarchy to stop our vehicles.

This is notwithstanding  the numerous hate  editorials of a section of public and hate media.

UDF INKINGI warns that  these coward acts of  intimidation will not deter the party from its  resolve to push ahead  for more democratisation of the country.

UDF INKINGI calls on  the government to face its  responsibilities and stop these acts which  may jeopardise the whole  electoral process. 



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