The Testimony of Deus Kagiraneza of how RPF executed its francophonie soldiers

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Deus Kagiraneza
This testimony was received by Afroamerica Network in Maryland, USA. The content is translated from kinyarwanda.

paul-kagame1.jpgMy name is Deus Kagiraneza. I enlisted in the army of the Rwandan Patriotic Front(RPF)-Inkotanyi during the Rwandan civil war in 1990. I was an intelligence officer within the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI). After the RPF victory in 1994, I was appointed interim Prefect of the Ruhengeri province. Later, I became a member of the Parliament before returning back to the army. Currently I am a political refugee in Belgium.

In the course of my functions as RPF official, I witnessed large scale massacres and assassinations by DMI both during the guerrilla war and after we overthrew the Government.

The guerrilla war years

Young Tutsis were recruited into Rwandan Patriotic Front from Burundi, Rwanda, and Zaire. Many of them, especially those from Rwanda, were coldly executed on suspicion of spying or being Hutu. Educated young people were particularly targeted. Military officers were afraid that these educated recruits may end up replacing them at the top of the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA).

Those suspected of being either Hutu or spies were sent to the DMI for further questioning and torture. Later on, they were hit on the headfront by the back of a hoe, called "agafuni", with instant death result. The use of agafuni was to avoid drawing attention of the Government Army on our hideouts, but most importantly to keep the secret of the murders from other recruits.

Following are those responsible of the DMI at the time of these Organized massacres:

1.KAYUMBA NYAMWASA (currently Major General and Chief of Staff of the Rwandan Patriotic Army).

2. Jackson RWAHAMA (currently Lieutenant Colonel and Chief Judge at the Military Court).

3. Jack NZIZA (currently Lieutenant Colonel and head of DMI).

4. Dan MUNYUZA (currently Major).

5. Joseph NZABAMWITA Joseph (currently Major, and Military Auditor and prosecutor).

6. Jean Jacques MUPENZI (currently Major and Head of Intelligence of Gendarmerie).

These officers are all from Uganda, were always the protégés [of Paul Kagame], and have led the army from the guerilla period up today.

Major Dan Munyuza and Lt.Col. Jackson Rwahama bear the full responsibility for the lives of young Tutsis we eliminated at the Training Wing of Gishuro, Byumba.

These large scales physical elimination, arbitrary executions, and murders were committed both at the DMI and within military units. French speaking young Tutsis, sarcastically labeled "Intellectuals" were systematically subjected to abuses and arbitrary killings, to the extent that those from Burundi deserted in large numbers. Their parents had to send a delegation to Paul Kagame to inquire about the killings. Paul Kagame denied and lied about the facts and no officer was punished.

After we overthrew the government

We had a mission to physically eliminate anyone, especially the Hutu, who did not support the RPF. We accomplished that mission in Ruhengeri where I was the prefect, and all over the country as well. Most of the prefects and administrative authorities were RPA military officers.

The most brutal massacres of Hutus, just after we overthrew the Government, happened in Gitarama and Butare. The Prefect of Gitarama Major SEWANYANA had the bodies of Hutus buried in mass graves in Kabgayi. The Prefect of Butare, Major ZIGIRA, ordered the massacres of Hutu in Save and Kabutare. All these massacres were ordered by and committed under the full knowledge of the Head of the Rwandan Patriotic Army. Colonel Ibingira systematically massacred Hutu from Kibungo, Bugesera, Butare, to Gikongoro. He is also responsible for the massacre of internally displaced people (IDP) in Kibeho.

Recently, in 1999, around 70 Tutsi military officers from the clan of Abanyiginya [Kigeli Ndahindurwa's clan] were executed in Nasho, Kibungo. Colonel Bagabo, a war invalid, who was the Gendarmerie Deputy Chief of Staff and is now the Chief Judge of the Military Court, along with Major John ZIGIRA, the head of Military Police bear the full responsibility for these massacres.

I ask for forgiveness

The current government committed these horrendous massacres and crimes. I held an important position within the government and participated, under the orders of my army supervisors, in some of these crimes. This is why I have chosen the road to exile and I am ready to provide more detailed testimonies. I offer my unconditional support to all Rwandan loving people who are determined to overthrow the criminal and bloodthirsty regime led by General Paul Kagame.

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