RWANDA: Kagame is fighting with himself now:Two Generals of the Rwanda Defence Force arrested

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Rwanda: Two Generals of the Rwanda Defence Force arrested

Gen Karake and Lt-Gen Muhire, arrestedGen Maj Karenzi Karake and Lt-Gen Charles Muhire arrested

Kigali – The Defence and Military Leadership, yesterday, suspended from duty and arrested Lieutenant General Charles Muhire and Major General Emmanuel Karenzi Karake.

This was revealed by the Defence and military spokesman, Major Jill Rutaremara, who said that the two senior army officers committed serious offences.

“Lt. Gen. Muhire was suspended due to serious charges of corruption and misuse of office while Maj. Gen. Karenzi was suspended on serious charges of immoral conduct that contravenes and undermines the values and ethos of the Rwanda Defence Force,” Maj. Rutaremara said in a statement released yesterday.

“This action was taken in order to enforce discipline, moral conduct and accountability in the Rwanda Defence Force.”
Rutaremara added that investigations continue.

It is only ten days ago that President Paul Kagame had appointed Lt. Gen. Charles Muhire as the Reserve Force Commander – a new arm of the army. Until then, Lt. Gen Muhire had been heading the Rwanda Airforce – where he has worked for several years.

Major General Karenzi Karake led the UN Peacekeeping Forces in Darfur, Sudan before being recalled over accusations of war crimes and genocide committed between 1994 and 1998 against Rwandan Hutu refugees and Congolese and the killing of Spanish catholic missionaries. Upon his return from Darfour, General Paul Kagame assigned him to a position of the director of a military training school for army officers.

People have heard the official reasons given by the defence and army spokesman, but are still waiting to know the real reasons behind the arrestation of those high ranking officers of the Rwanda Defence Force.

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