The FDLR deny the lies propagated by the spokespersons of the Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) and the Congolese Armed Forces (FARDC) reporting the withdrawal of Rwandan troops from DRC.
The Democratic Liberation Forces of Rwanda (FDLR) inform the public and the media that the information spread by the coalition RPA/FARDC in the media these last days about the war that it waged in eastern DRC are false and declare the following:

1. The FDLR condemn once again the war initiated by the armed coalition of RPA and FARDC, with the support of MONUC against Rwandan refugees in DRC, the FDLR and the Congolese people of eastern DRC.

2. The FDLR reaffirm once again that this war is dirty, unnecessary, unjust and counter-productive and therefore it must be stopped.

3. The FDLR have never committed any violation of human rights in this unjust war that was imposed by the coalition of RPA and FARDC. However, as we mentioned it in our previous releases, the FDLR have evidence that the coalition of RPA and FARDC supported by MONUC was guilty of serious crimes against humanity against both Rwandan refugees in DRC and against the Congolese peoples accused of being sympathizers of the FDLR.

4. Since 20 January 2009, during this insane, unfair and unnecessary war that the armed coalition of RPA and FARDC has imposed to the FDLR, our Organization deplores five (5) missing, 6 captured by the coalition of RPA and FARDC including two mentally ill persons, 4 brave Abacunguzi fighters who have fallen on the field of honour, and only two dozen of deserters who surrendered either to MONUC or to the warmongers. The number of dependents of Abacunguzi combatants who have returned to Rwanda does not exceed two hundred (200) in the Kivu region. Moreover, the FDLR have counted at least seventy bodies of the armed coalition of RPA and FARDC soldiers, including several officers, who died in the fighting that took place recently in Masisi and Rutshuru territories.

5. In order to inflate the statistics and to lie to the media, the international community and the public particularly to the Congolese people, some elements of the RPA who are members of various militias that the regime of Kigali has put into place in Kivu were presented to the public and to MONUC by the RPA/FARDC coalition as FDLR members returning to Rwanda voluntarily or captured in the fighting.

6. The FDLR have very reliable information that civilians were transported from Rwanda in military trucks to be introduced in North Kivu as dependents of the FDLR members. In addition, Congolese members of the CNDP were used in this misleading campaign and presented to the public as members of the FDLR captured in the DRC; they were sent to Rwanda through the border post of Goma and returned the next day in the DRC through Kibumba.

7. In addition, during the week of 16 to 22 February 2009, Rwanda has infiltrated more than one brigade in Rutshuru via the rwando-Congolese border. That brigade continued its advance northward along the ugando-Congolese border near Lake Edward .

8. The Kigali regime must stop lying to the public that it will withdraw its military from the Kivu region. The reality is that the Kigali regime has brought to the east of the DRC more than 12,000 soldiers including more than 6,000 that are hidden within the CNDP while it officially says to have sent only 2,500 soldiers in the DRC.

9. The largely publicised announcement by the RPA/FARDC coalition of the withdrawal of Rwandan troops from 25 February 2009 is a farce designed to calm the anger of the Congolese people and their representatives who are tired of the abuses committed by elements of the RPA on their territory. Furthermore, Rwanda fears the popular discontent that rises every day within the country against oppression by the RPF-Inkotanyi and its machine i.e. the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) and Rwandese Defence Forces (RDF).

10. To prove its good faith, Rwanda must withdraw at least 12,000 of its soldiers from the DRC under the supervision of neutral international observers, failing to which the statements of the RPA/FARDC armed coalition should be regarded as a masquerade.

11. The FDLR wish to inform the public that mixed Rwando-Congolese structures have been created by some Congolese associated with the Kigali regime and are already operational since 20 January 2009 for the exploitation of immense wealth in the Walikale and Masisi territories. Mixed military units from RPA (CNDP) and FARDC have been created and installed for this purpose to protect holdings in the Kivu region.

 12. The FDLR call upon the Congolese people to be vigilant and not be fooled by the statements of the hegemonic Kigali regime and some of their corrupt military officers and politicians who have already mortgaged the Kivu region to operate in connivance with some RPF-Inkotanyi members.

13. The FDLR remain convinced that the Rwandan problem can be solved only on a negotiating table and call upon all peace-loving people to condemn the current war and to favour the holding of an inter-Rwandan dialogue as soon as possible. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
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