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WITNESS: NDINDILIYIMANA WAS A PEACEFUL PERSON.--Hirondelle News Agency--13 February 2008

WITNESS: NDINDILIYIMANA WAS A PEACEFUL PERSON.--Hirondelle News Agency--13 February 2008

[Here's an important article that Hirondelle posted 13 February 2008.
We got it off David Barouski's excellent and always timely African News Analysis blog, linked at the top of the righthand column.

This is just a small part of a mountain of evidence that General Ndindiliyimana's defense team, led by our own maitre Chris Black, has built to support the General's innocence of ALL CHARGES against him.

The ugly irony of this situation is that as the case against the General and the other Rwandan indictees from the Habyarimana government and military grows less and less tenable, the pressures from Kagame's criminal government in Kigali, responding to the grotesque machinations of their Anglo-Saxon dogfathers, esp the militaristic perverts and pedocidal madmen in the US State and Defense Depts., as well as their tea-sucking homologues in the British MoD and MI6, to transfer all unadjudicated cases for trial in Rwanda (tantamount to a death sentence), has so poisoned the air at the Arusha Trib as to turn the old mockery of justice that went down there into the sort of molar-grindingly bad acid trip of a nightmare that even a double-Thorazine enema couldn't chew through.

So let's get it right for once and take direct action to--


Before they are dealt the same hand that finally freed Slobo. --mc]


Hirondelle News Agency
13 February 2008

A witness stated before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) Wednesday that the former Chief of Staff of National Gendarmerie, General Augustin Ndindiliyimana, was a peaceful man,relaxed and not discriminatory.

A former high ranking official in the Rwandan public administration and a diplomat, Leon Ngarukiye, 60, told the court that he knew the accused very well ’’ because they hailed from the same the commune.’’

"From what I know, he had no problems with ethnic Hutus or Tutsis, neither with people from the south nor with people from the north", stressed the witness who currently resides in Denmark. He also said that Ndindilyimana was a great sportsman and a talented footballer.

Ndindiliyimana, a Hutu hails from Nyaruhengeri in Butare southern Rwanda.

Tensions were perceptible in the 1990's between Hutus and Tutsis on the one hand and between the south and north on the other hand.

The witness claimed that Ndindiliyimana played an active part in the peace talks and that he believed in the Arusha peace accords for power sharing and the merger of the belligerent armies.

The Rwandan government was at war against the rebels of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). The attack against the presidential plane on 6 April 1994 sparked the genocide and blew up the Arusha accords.

"Ndindiliyimana is not responsible for the diversions [of the peace accord] ", pointed out the witness.

Ngarukiye cleared the officer of the allegations of massacres and incitement in Nyaruhengeri and in the Nyabisindu area, where the witness stayed for a few days between April and May 1994.

The witness, who returned to the administration after genocide, stressed that he had not heard anybody in Nyaruhengeri or in political circles in Kigali mention the possible responsibility of Ndindiliyimana in the massacres.

The witness, because of his functions, often discussed with the highest officials of the country, including the vice-president and the then minister of defence, General Paul Kagame. "I was convened a few times to his home or to others. I never heard him mention this name in official speeches nor in talks which I had at his home".

On information about Nyaruhengeri, Ngarukiye stated that he had heard of it from his father. "He had said that he was ready to come to testify in accused’s favour. Unfortunately, he died. I took the responsibility to come in his place".

Ndindiliyimana is accused alongside three other officers in the joint trial known as Military II, which started in September 2004.


[And then you can add this one from the 5 March 2008 Hirondelle to make The General's already obvious innocence just a little more so:]


Hirondelle News Agency
5 March 2008

Former Tanzanian Inspector General of Police (IGP) Harun Mahundi
Wednesday told the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
(ICTR) that the ex-Rwandan Chief of Staff of Gendarmerie Nationale,
General Augustin Ndindiliyimana, who is facing genocide charges,
was a peace loving person.

“He was cool minded and very polite person who loved tranquility
for the people of his country," Mahundi told the UN Court.

Led in his testimony by Ndindiliyimana's Canadian defense lead
Counsel, Christopher Black, IGP Mahundi explained that the accused
was not a person who was "fond of military confrontations."

Mr Mahundi said that he had good working relations with General
Ndindiliyimana especially between September and November 1993 when
the latter visited Tanzania to find out the possibility of training Rwandans
in combating riots.

According to the defense witness, Rwanda by then was engaged in
peace negotiations with the former Rwandan Patriotic Front rebels
(RPF) who controlled the Northern part of Rwanda, whereas the
government controlled the South.

In view of the fact that the RPF soldiers were British trained and the
gendarmes were French trained, General Ndindiliyimana had wanted
Tanzania to train the gendarmes so that when peace was attained,
the two forces could smoothly integrate.

"He pegged hope on peace negotiations,” the former IGP recounted,
adding that the training he had asked for was for the preparedness
purposes in case of serious riots in the country in future.

During the reciprocal visit to Rwanda, Mahundi said he discovered a
lot of discrepancies in the gendarmes training including lack of
vehicles for discharging water or gas to disperse crowd during

However the training program for gendarmes could not be implemented
before April 6, 1994.

Mahundi also told the Tribunal that among other things, General
Ndindiliyimana wanted was an early retirement so that he could
devote his time in business, especially buying and selling fish from
Mwanza, Northern part of Tanzania.

The Tanzanian IGP was the 29th defense witness for Ndindiliyima.
The session has been adjourned, pending availability of new defence
witnesses. Sources hinted that the session may resume in May.


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